2016 Tesla Model S

2016 Tesla Model S

A revolutionary luxury sedan is the 2016 Tesla Model S with smooth handling, phenomenal acceleration and driver assistance, safety feature that is outstanding and state of the art technology. The Tesla Model S is the quickest four-door on the market in the sedan ranges and propelled by either one or two electric motors with powerful motion to move from 0 – 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds when set to its Ludicrous mode, which is obviously its most powerful mode of driving.

It is one of the luxury large sedan that is close to impossible to beat regardless of which reviews and driver rankings you browse. In most magazines and online ratings you will find this extraordinary luxury car rated at number one out of all cars in its segment.

It would depend on model as the Model S stretches on a single charge at minimum 210 miles and max 294 miles. The major advantage is that it operates on Supercharge stations where cars are charged free.

This is also the only car ever that has the capacity to have over the air updates to software’s and never visiting a service center.

Also a huge interior with seating for seven, the manufacturers also pushed all boundaries related to driver assistance tech. the autopilot software can guide itself with very little intervention as far as steering, acceleration and braking are concerned.

An incredible technology where car learns their own environments as well as capable of sharing it with other Tesla models.

Something else many might not know either is that Tesla manufacturers work their models differently than any other manufacturer.

Other manufacturers who build their 2017 model in 2016 and releasing it in 2017 calls it the 2017 model while Tesla calls it as it is if built early in 2016 it is the 2016 model and in late 2016 for 2017 release it still remains a 2016 model albeit a new model.

The starting selling price for the Tesla Model S is $66,000 with buyers receiving a tax credit of $7,500 when purchasing a Model S.