2017 BMW M760i xDrive

2017 BMW M760i xDrive

The same that applies to the Audi A4 for 2017 applies to the new BMW M760i just hundred percent more. The latest luxury sedan combines two of the manufacturer’s two most esteemed lines and you will go fat to find a better car.

The 2017 M760i xDrive has the performance of the Twin power Turbo 12 cylinder V12 petrol engine and the luxurious sixth generation BMW 7 series and the M roster performance. Then it also boats construction materials and sophisticated technologies that delivers everything anyone could ever need or want.

This version is both performance and luxury while it would usually be classified purely in a performance category it simply has to come to the luxury segment as well.

The goal behind this new 2017 model is to retain the BMW 7 series lightweight nature and luxury while construct a motor that beats any luxury car available on the market in all regards. It carries no ordinary 12-cylyinder engine, as underneath the monster score 5, 500 rpm with an hp score of 600.

Its top speed is marked 155 mph while the acceleration from 0 – 60 mph is 3.9 seconds and even though it is rather slower than some others in this luxury list, none can beat the top speed or powerful performance.

Like all BMW cars this model is fully equipped with the best technology from entertainment to driver safety and everything else in-between. The downside is that no pricing is available as yet as it will only be revealed later in 2017.

However talk has it that the M760i XDrive will definitely be the number one large luxury car regardless of who votes and which platform. Some of its technology incorporated includes a large projection console with all critical inform clearly displayed, surround view system, crossing traffic warning, rear collision prevention, lane keeping assistant, traffic jam assistant and more.