2017 Acura RLX

2017 Acura RLX

Ranking eight in the top large luxury car segment, the 2017 Acura RLX might be behind competitors as far as interior quality and performance are concerned. The only problem is that these shortfalls are nor reflecting in its price. Even though it has smaller siblings such as the TLX and the ILX which have advantages as being lowest priced competitors in their own particular luxury segments.

It is something that baffles everyone outside the Acura market as the RLX is indeed middle in its price class ranks, while competitors like the Kia 900 and the Cadillac CT6 with their higher ranks in the market are less expensive than the RLX. Even in its own manufacturers range when compared to the Cadillac CTS also starts at $400 more than the TLX, which is promising for the 2017 TLX.

Some of the Acura RLX’s biggest highlights include a hybrid option, an efficient engine and roomy back seat with an extensive list of standard equipment and features as well as advanced safety technologies. Other downsides that has to be mentioned though includes a small trunk, dull handling and an interior that is not quite on par with the other cars in its segment. For car owners who value fuel economy and features the RLX will be ideal.

The RLX comes with a standard 3.5 litre V6 engine producing 310 horsepower, which is average in this class and drivers will find performance adequate for most driving situations. It provides brisk acceleration with barely noticeable shifts with a transmission that finds gears smoothly.

Fuel consumption is higher end in this segment with 20 mpg city driving and thirty for highways. The only with better consumption but only slightly so is the Cadillac CT6 with 22 mpg in cities and also 30 on highway driving. The RLX also comes in hybrid with three electric motor options with a horsepower output of 377.

The impressive engine nonetheless offers low overall performance score for ride quality and handling. The rather plain-Jane cabin might be better than some of the rivals in its class, but still lower than others. The lack of accents like metal trim or wood are clearly missing elements even though it has some common functionalities like climate control and touch screen inputs.