2017 AUDI A 4

2017 AUDI A 4

2017 is Audi’s year with many changes for the A4, now it comes with better driving ability, bigger overall and added technology and engineering technologies.

Luxury car lovers who avoided AUDI in the past should take another look at this 2017 model A4.

Subtle styling changes include a more pronounced grills shape, the curves everybody know so well gives way for straighter angles and lines, but its familiar resemblance to the previous AUDI models remains its top distinguishing characteristic.

Once you look inside the 2017 Audi A4 you will seriously notice the updates though. Aside from beautifully built with innovative design, with revised controller, Visual Cockpit gauge package, MMI infotainment system everything show a huge leap both to aesthetics and usability not that it was ever necessary.

It might sound familiar to know that it continuous to have a two liter turbo engine however here they upgraded too. The new model has 32 horsepower more than before and this one stands at 258 horsepower to the all-wheel drive Audi A4. Available in both automatic Quattro and six speed manual transmissions.

Fuel consumption which is vital for everybody stands at 24 city and 31 for highways while you will find the front wheel driving version much more fuel efficient.

As far as driving is concerned it offers impressive gripping capabilities with outstanding handling on curvy roads. A very precise and quick gear shifting for manual transmissions too. All luxury car manufacturers take safety very high in regard and Audi does not disappoint here either.

Rearview camera, automatic breaking, pedestrian detection paired with automatic braking, collision avoidance are some of the safety features, other top luxury features include Android Auto, apple Car play, keyless ignition, sunroof, genuine leather upholstery.

The price also does not disappoint with the new 2017 Audi A4 selling as standard model with four door, five passenger car at $35, 850.